With Caucedo, DR on way to being logistics hub

The implementation of Decree 262-15 that creates logistics centers and their customs regime will bring a genuine revolution in international trade and a significant drop in costs for industries, said the president of the newly created Dominican Association of Logistic Centers and Operators (Asologi).

Asologi president Salvador Figueroa Sanchez and directors Teddy Heinsen, Gustavo Tavares and Hector Tamburini say that if the legislation is correctly implemented, the DR will become a world-class logistics center.

The Caucedo Logistics Centre is a joint venture between DP World and Caucedo Development Corporation. It provides regional distribution facilities for foreign and Dominican businesses connecting them to a comprehensive, efficient, logistics multimodal network provided by the Port of Caucedo that is operated by DP World.

Phase 1 will see the development of warehousing over 4.3 million sq/ft (40 hectares) and a further 8.61 million sq/ft (80 hectares) developed in Phase 2. The timing is in line with market demand.

“We have been committed to the development of the Logistics Center since its inception and are witnessing the beginnings of an exciting opportunity to develop the Dominican Republic as a trade and logistics hub.”

The Center provides Dominican Republic importers and exporters with the opportunity to improve the efficiency of their supply chains with modern facilities close to both the port and the airport. Shipping lines will also benefit as more volumes are generated through the CLC.

[October 2015]