Textile exports on the rise

The Dominican Republic exported US$670.1 million worth of textiles from October 2014 to the same month in 2015, an increase of 8.45%. In addition the export of clothes increased from US$220,528 million in 2014 to US$231,729 in 2015.

The increase in textile exports from the Dominican Republic showed the biggest growth of all the countries that are members of the DR-CAFTA free trade agreement, followed by Guatemala with a 7.56% increase, Haiti with 4.98% and El Salvador with 3.88%.

The sale of clothes from Nicaragua and Costa Rica both declined by 3.88% and 54.94% respectively.

Across all the DR-CAFTA countries the value of exports of clothes to the United States increased by 2.55%. The Dominican Republic is in twentieth place based on the value of textile exports and 17th place based on square meters of material.

[January 2016]