Spanish tourism training center opens in Santo Domingo

The Centro Superior Hostelería Mediterráneo (CSHM) opened in Santo Domingo. The vocational training center will offer courses in tourism, gastronomy, hotel industry and agribusiness. CSHM international development director Angel Campillo said that the first branch of the Spanish training center is a RD.5 million investment. The first phase of the center is expected to cost RD0 million and the total project RD5 million.

The center, which will train local tourism sector workers, also strives to improve the quality of meals served in public schools as well as promoting Dominican farm products and gastronomy in Santo Domingo.

A second branch is being built in Ensanche Isabelita, in Santo Domingo East. The first CSHM branch covers an area of 650 meters and the Isabelita branch will measure 3,000 meters.

CSHM has more than 60,000 students from 47 countries around the world in its centers in Spain and the Dominican Republic.

[February 2016]