Promoting new tourism development in Las Terrenas

According to news reports, foreign investors approved a proposal for the Las Terrenas Development Plan at a meeting with Las Terrenas municipal authorities. As reported by Noticias SIN, Mariana Vanderhorst, temporary Las Terrenas mayor and the project promoter, sent a written request to private companies on 18 February 2016 with a plan to build a golf course in Las Terrenas as part of a major real estate development and the reorganization of the city government and educational community and public infrastructure to adjust it to the tourism area. The plan needs to be approved by the private investors and would then pass through the other institutions, including the city council, and the ministries of Tourism and Environment.

Samana’s development has been adversely affected by the recent cancellation of the JetBlue flight from New York to Samana airport and the high cost of the toll roads linking Santo Domingo to Samana and Las Terrenas.

[April 2016]