Labor Law


Guzmán Ariza has an experienced group of lawyers who can advise corporate clients, operating in the country or in the process of starting operations in Dominican territory, on all matters concerning local labor laws.  Our attorneys counsel clients in a broad range of labor-related matters, from assisting them in complying with all obligations provided by Dominican laws, negotiating with labor unions, to representing them in all types of labor claims and suits that may be raised against them in the course of their business and relations with employees in the Dominican Republic.

The services we offer our clients to protect them and assist them in complying with local labor laws are the following:

  • Drafting and executing all types of employment contracts
  • Legal advice at the time of termination of employment, on negotiations and execution of agreements with labor unions, compliance with labor-related obligations
  • Advice regarding payroll deductions and withholdings
  • Due diligence on labor regulations compliance
  • Legal representation in cases of labor claims in all phases of the process or litigation.

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