International Trade and Investment


Guzman Ariza offers a wide range of services to clients in international trade and investment.  Multinationals operating across borders need legal advice on international and domestic laws to minimize the impact these laws may have on their global businesses. Our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to advice clients on trade agreements, double taxation and international conventions involving the Dominican Republic.

We have actively participated in the negotiation of the most important international trade agreements, giving us intimate knowledge of how they affect our clients’ business.  As a result, we can offer our clients expert legal advice on the rules and regulations of the DR-CAFTA Agreement, the Economic Association Agreement, the WTO agreements, the Free Trade Agreement between Central America and the Dominican Republic, and the Free Trade Agreement between CARICOM and the Dominican Republic.

Our presence in and attention to trade-related issues enables us to monitor provisions that impact your business, such as technical barriers to commerce, rules of origin, domestic components, and tariff and non tariff barriers. Armed with timely information, we can anticipate legal changes and counsel our clients on their business ventures for the long term.

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