Intellectual Property


Our lawyers in the IP Department have extensive experience in protecting local and international clients’ intellectual property rights in the Dominican Republic, including trademarks, trade names, copyrights, and patents. With an experienced team in both commercial transactions and litigation, Guzman Ariza attorneys have the ability to not only assist clients during the stage of registration of IP rights, but they can also advise clients on possible strategies for defending their exclusivity over IP rights, including litigation. We also have experience working on licensing agreements, assignments and disposal of IP rights.

Among the services offered to our customers for intellectual property lawyers, we can mention:

    • Availability searches
    • IP rights due diligence
  • Defense in cases of objections to registration applications
  • Filing and registration of trademarks and trade names
  • Renewal, assignment, amendments or IP rights
  • Licenses and other agreements
  • IP litigation
  • Negotiations and settlement agreements involving IP rights
  • Copyright registration and protection
  • Sanitary registrations and renewals

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