At Guzmán Ariza we have the premier immigration department of any Dominican law firm. We handle the entire spectrum of immigration matters, from employment-based visas and residencies to retiree and investor immigration and naturalization. We have deep experience working with applicants from a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds, both as individuals and as representatives of international businesses in the Dominican Republic. We are proud to have some of the largest companies in the world as clients. Our comprehensive immigration services encompass all aspects of immigration law, including the following:

  • Special short-stay permits
  • Temporary labor-based permits
  • Temporary residency permits
  • Temporary labor-based residency permits
  • Permanent residency applications
  • Renewal of residency cards
  • Investment-based residency permits
  • Retirement-based residency permits
  • Pension-based residency permits
  • Change of residency categories
  • Naturalization applications

For more information, go to our publications on Immigration.

We are proud partners of Peregrine Immigration Management. This means that we have been qualified to regularly review and update the data in their Immiguru system – a web based global immigration knowledge database containing clear and comprehensive details on work permit processes to more than 90 different countries. We work in the Immiguru system on a regular basis to make sure that the timing, process, document and red flags data available for the Dominican Republic is current and detailed. We have become a preferred partner for Peregrine through our in-country expertise, quality service delivery and extensive experience, which we’ve demonstrated through our work with the Peregrine team and by provision of favourable client references.