Environmental Law


Guzmán Ariza advises its clients on all legal issues in the Dominican Republic concerning the application of  Environmental Law 64-00, as well as all other provisions that seek to regulate business activities to protect public health and the environment.

The firm has a multidisciplinary team of advisors specialized in law, geology, archeology, engineering, economy, biology, sociology, surveying, cartography, botany, ornithology, among others, for each particular project.

Guzman Ariza has extensive experience advising companies and tourism and real estate projects on environmental issues related to:

  • Sustainable business consulting
    • Technical and legal feasibility studies
    • Environmental quality studies
    • Preparation of recommendation manuals for regulatory compliance
    • Climate change
    • Environmental responsibility
    • Occupational safety and hygiene
  • Environmental legal compliance
    • Environmental legal compliance audit
    • Health and safety audit
    • Suppliers analysis performance
    • Project financing
    • Environmental Compliance Reports
    • Implementation of social and environmental soundness programs
  • Permisology
    • Environmental Studies: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); Environmental Reports; Environmental records (Environmental Compliance records); Registration Certificate Minimum Impact (Certificado de Registro de Impacto Mínimo).
  • Environmental litigation and disputes
    • Environmental litigation
    • Administrative appeal
    • Public hearings
    • Environmental crisis management
    • Government inaction
  • Environmental education
    • Business training
    • Instructional guides
    • Specialized workshops