Banking, Insurance and Securities


Our expert team of attorneys at Guzmán Ariza advises international and local financial institutions, as well as companies seeking traditional or alternative sources of funds,  in the negotiation, structuring, documentation and execution of all types of financial transactions related to banking, insurance and securities, including the following:

  • Loans with or without collateral
  • Revolving and non revolving lines of credit
  • Factoring, leasing, and leaseback transactions
  • Syndicated loans
  • Project financing
  • Securitization
  •  Public and private offerings of securities

Guzmán Ariza offers clients a unique and direct access through our nationwide network of offices to local governmental offices in different parts of the Dominican Republic to ensure a faster research and registration process of all collateral and guarantees, whether they are pledges, chattel pledges, mortgages, or mortgage securitization transactions.

As for insurance, we counsel clients in the insurance industry, whether they need to start operations as insurance companies in the Dominican Republic, restructure their business, or just need advice to monitor their regulatory compliance and relationship with the regulatory authorities.