Guzmán Ariza organizes language workshop for Pro Consumidor Staff


On Thursday, April 4, Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza, president of Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys & Consultants, organized a language workshop for the members of the legal department of the National Institute for Consumer Right Protection (Pro Consumidor).

The workshop dealt with the most frequent mistakes in the Dominican legal language with special highlight on its complexity and lack of intelligibility which makes it near to impossible for a common citizen to understand. Guzmán Ariza pointed out that in a democracy citizens are entitled to receive clear and objective information from the government and its agencies, as well as from corporations and institutions, in order uphold their rights and better meet their obligations.

The workshop is the result of an agreement entered into between the Academy of Letters of the Dominican Republic, represented by Mr. Guzmán Ariza, and Pro Consumidor director, Mrs. Altagracia Paulino. Mr. Guzmán Ariza offered his cooperation to coach Pro Consumidor attorneys in plain language drafting, in compliance with article 83 of the General Law of Consumer or User Right Protection no. 358-05 requiring that standard contracts, i.e. those in which consumers lack bargaining power, be written in clear and understandable terms.


With the support of the Guzmán Ariza Foundation Pro Dominican Academy of Letters, the Dominican Academy of Letters implements a program to assist government institutions in improving the quality of their legal drafting.