Guzmán Ariza launches new book

Guzmán Ariza Attorneys at Law presented on Tuesday 24 of November the launching of the book Repertorio de la jurisprudencia civil, comercial e inmobiliaria de la República Dominicana (2001-2014), written by managing partner Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza.

The event was held at the National Library of the Dominican Republic with the presence of prominent personalities of the country and the judicial system. It was presented by the Constitutional Court judge Victor Joaquin Castellanos and trial attorney Fabiola Medina Garnes, who addressed the most relevant aspects of the book.

The compilation of the civil, commercial and real estate case law in the Dominican Republic (2001-2014), which is part of the case law and precedents collection of the publisher Gaceta Judicial, condenses and organizes the judgments rendered by the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic, from 2001 to 2014, in the areas mentioned on its title, as well as in related procedural matters.

Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza explained that this compilation has two main purposes: “first, provide readers summaries of the legal criteria on various issues related to these matters; and second, facilitate the rapid consultation of the whole decisions that contain the aforementioned criteria”.

Also, Mr. Guzmán Ariza added that 16,000 court decisions were consulted, from the Supreme Court on its role of court of cassation, from the Plenum of the Supreme Court and also from the Constitutional Court, in which 7,000 were summarized because of its private content.

Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza is a lawyer, writer, editor and linguist. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Science and Humanities, and the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (LL.B., summa cum laude, 1981). Mr. Guzmán Ariza was judge of the Disciplinary Court of the Dominican Bar Association. Currently, he is president of Guzman Ariza law firm, president of the editorial board of Gaceta Judicial and numerary member of the Dominican Academy of Letters.

[November 2015]