Guzmán Ariza Foundation signs agreement with Supreme Court


The Guzmán Ariza Foundation Pro Dominican Academy of Letters and the Dominican Academy of Letters entered into an inter-institutional agreement with the Judiciary Council in order to promote and develop cooperation programs aiming at improving the quality of language used in the judicial sector in the Dominican Republic.

The agreement was signed in the office of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Judiciary Council, Mariano Germán Mejía. Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza, president of the Guzmán Ariza Foundation, Bruno Rosario Candelier, president of the Academy and Chief Justice Germán Mejía signed the agreement after a few introductory words.

The signatories spoke about the importance of creating awareness of the proper use of the language in the institutional and judiciary field. Mr. Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza, who is also president of the Editorial Council of the Gaceta Judicial, the leading legal journal in the country, and Director of the Publication Department, as well as president of the Guzmán Ariza law firm, added that in a democratic society documents emanating from the government should be written in a readily understandable and correct language in order for ordinary citizens to be in a position to comply with their obligations and to implement the rights they are entitled to.

acuerdo-academia-scj2This is the second agreement that the Academy has entered into with a public institution, as part of a joint strategy with the Guzmán Ariza Foundation aimed at improving greater transparency in legal language usage in the Dominican Republic.