DR has more than 400,000 businesses

The Dominican Republic has around 410,000 businesses, including both formal and informal businesses, according to a survey prepared by the office of Small Business (Pymes) at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Retail shops and stores account for more than 40 % of the businesses across Peravia, La Romana and Espaillat. In La Romana, firms involved in tourism next account for 11.4 % of businesses surveyed. While in Peravia and Espaillat, beauty parlors and barber shops are second in importance, with 14.2 % and 12.2 %, respectively. Colmados selling food and beverage prevail, while betting parlors make up 12 % of the small businesses in these provinces.

The results of the complete nationwide survey are expected to be available by the end of the year.

[July 2015]