DR Chamber of Commerce in Spain

The Dominican Republic Chamber of Commerce in Spain is now up and running. The new chamber, an initiative by the Dominican Embassy in Madrid will strive to unite public and private ventures aimed at strengthening trade between Spain and the Dominican Republic. Ambassador Anibal de Castro says the new chamber will play an active role in promoting trade at the highest levels.

“The Chamber will serve as a communication tool between yourselves and the businesspeople who seek to do business in the country as well as communication bridge with government authorities,” stated De Castro.

The Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo law firm, which helped with the formation of the new chamber, will remain on the board as general secretary.

Founding partner Javier Cremades described the new chamber as a historic event in the trade relations between Spain and the DR. He said it would contribute to the business climate for future generations.

The founding member companies include Grupo Varma, Davidoff, Grupo Global Exchange, Blinter Cargo, Ciclauto Automocion, Corporacion Alimentaria Vima, Consorcio Procaribe, Grupo Martinon-Grumasa, Softland, Incatema Consulting, Ingeotrans, Viavansi, Serviguide, and Favero & Kolskinsche.

[April 2016]