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Dominican Republic Adoption Law

TITLE V FILIATION THROUGH ADOPTION CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS ON ADOPTION Art. 111.- NATURE. Adoption is a legal institution of public order and social interest that allows the creation, by a judgment rendered for such a purpose, of a voluntary parent-child relationship among individuals who are not related by birth. Art. 112.- SOCIAL AND HUMAN CHARACTER. Adoption is a […]

International Adoptions in the Dominican Republic

Legislation The Dominican Constitution, amended January 26, 2010, guarantees safe and effective adoption policies under the law (Article 55). Law 136-03, enacted August 2003 and amended October 2004, governs international adoption in the Dominican Republic. No adoptable child may leave the country until the adoption process is completed as stipulated by Dominican law and an […]

Advantages of Obtaining Residency Status in the Dominican Republic

Many foreigners living in the Dominican Republic question the usefulness of obtaining resident status given the lax enforcement of immigration laws by the Dominican government. In fact, however, foreigners who have obtained their residencies enjoy very definite advantages over the illegal alien, among them, the following: A legal resident can work and do business legally […]

Obtaining Residency Status in the Dominican Republic

Beginning June 1, 2012, residency status in the Dominican Republic is governed by Immigration Law No. 285-04 and Immigration Regulation No. 631-11. Foreign nationals are prohibited by statute from entering the Dominican Republic for residency purposes in the following cases: 1) Contagious illness threatening to public health, except, under certain requirements, when sponsored by relatives […]

Tourism in the Dominican Republic

Introduction With about 1300 kilometers (800 miles) of beaches, the oldest colonial settlement in the Western Hemisphere, and spectacular mountains and landscapes, the Dominican Republic is the single most-visited tourist destination in the Caribbean.  In 2014, the country received 26% of all tourists visiting the region. In 2015, 5.6 million visitors traveled to the island, hotel […]

Foreign Investment Law of the Dominican Republic #16-95 (LAW 16-95)

THE NATIONAL CONGRESS IN THE NAME OF THE REPUBLIC WHEREAS: The Dominican State recognizes that foreign investment and technology transfers contribute to the economic growth and social development of the country insofar as they favor the generation of jobs and foreign currency, promote the process of capitalization and provide efficient production, marketing and management methods; WHEREAS: It is […]

Investing in the Dominican Republic

A Receptive Environment for Investors During the last two decades, the Dominican Republic has sought to foster a highly receptive environment for international investors, adopting policies that minimize regulatory obstacles and, at the same time, provide assistance and incentives to foreign companies and individuals to bring their capital into the country. As a result, the […]

The Dominican Republic and International Trade

The Dominican Republic at a Glance Geographically located at the center of the Caribbean, with privileged market access to the United States, Europe, and Central America, an abundant work force, a domestic market of more than ten million people, and a decades-old policy of great openness to foreign investment and international trade, the Dominican Republic […]