Former Judge Aura Celeste Fernández attends congress on bioethics and human rights in Panamá

Former Judge Aura Celeste Fernández, president of the National Council of Health Bioethics of the Dominican Republic (CONABIOS, by its Spanish acronym) will attend the symposium Bioethics, Courts and Human Rights to be held on April 10, 11 and 12 at the University of Panamá.

The symposium is being held on the 20th anniversary of the European Convention on Biomedicine and Human Rights to promote a comparative law analysis of the relationship between bioethics and human rights in the development of the jurisprudence of Latin American and European courts.

Aura Celeste Fernández, partner at the Guzmán Ariza Law Firm, is a specialist in public law with more than three decades of professional practice.

[April 2017]

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