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Guzmán Ariza is pleased to offer this legal guide to international investors and law firms interested in the business opportunities present in the Dominican Republic. The guide provides basic information about the country and its legal system. You may download it here.



Environmental Permits in the Dominican Republic

All projects in the Dominican Republic must apply for and obtain environmental approval from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, pursuant to General Law on the Environment and Natural Resources 64-00, which regulates environmental pollution, the generation and control of toxic and hazardous substances, and the treatment of domestic and municipal wastes, among […]

Nationality, citizenship and immigration

Introduction In general, Dominican law reflects the welcoming nature of the Dominican people, permitting entry of most foreign nationals whether visiting for pleasure, business, or retirement.  In addition, many foreign nationals can obtain residency or citizenship by submitting properly prepared documents, completing legal formalities, and waiting prescribed time periods. The principal laws regarding immigration are […]

Registering a Patent in the Dominican Republic

Patent registration in the Dominican Republic is governed by Law 20-00 on Industrial Property. To start the process, the following information and documents are required: 1.    Applicant’s full name, address, occupation, and identity document (copy). 2.    Inventor’s full name, address, occupation, and identity document (copy). 3.    If the applicant is not the inventor, deed of […]

Taxation in the Dominican Republic

Legislation, Administration and Collection Taxation in the Dominican Republic is governed by Law 11-92, commonly known as the Tax Code, and its regulations. Taxes are administered and collected by the Dominican Internal Revenue Agency, known by its Spanish acronym of DGII. Custom duties, established under a separate statute, are administered and collected by the Customs […]

Registering a Trademark in the Dominican Republic

Trademark registration in the Dominican Republic is governed by Law 20-00 on Industrial Property. The process to register a trademark is as follows: (1) Preliminary searches are optional to determine if the mark requested is available for registration in the desired class, under the international classification of goods and services. The search may take up […]

Intellectual property in the Dominican Republic

Constitutionally-Protected Intellectual Property Rights Article 52 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic recognizes and protects the exclusive  property rights of authors and inventors over their work, trade names, trademarks, distinctive signs and any other creation of their intellect, as established by law. Legislation Inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, trade names, signs, logos, geographical […]

Corporate and Business

Business Entities The Functioning of Limited Liability Companies (El funcionamiento de las sociedades de responsabilidad limitada) Modelos para la práctica societaria (Company Forms) Project Finance in the Dominican Republic: Getting the Deal Through 2015 An Overview of Dominican Security Law

International Trade and Investment

Overview of International Trade Investing in the Dominican Republlic DR-CAFTA Free Trade Agreement CARIFORUM-EC Economic Partnership Agreement Foreign Investment Law of the Dominican Republic 16-95 Enabling Regulation for the Dominican Foreign Investment Law (Decree 380-96)